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Foundation for
Voice Restoration


As a not-for-profit organization funded through sponsorships, grants and private donations, the Foundation for Voice Restoration is dedicated to the advancement of total rehabilitation for individuals with cancer of the larnyx through:

  • Laryngectomee Education
  • Professional Education
  • Research Initiatives

Primary and
Initial Projects

Laryngectomee Education

  • User's manual for tracheoesophageal speech
  • Instructional videos for pre- and post-operative laryngectomy care
  • Instructional video for coping with laryngectomy: A Counseling Guide for the Laryngectomee and Family

Professional Education

  • Instructional workshops in alaryngeal speech methods
  • Medical symposia
  • Physiology of alaryngeal voice production
  • Instructional video series for the speech language pathologist and clinician: Improving Patient and Family Relationships in Laryngectomee Rehabilitation

Research Initiatives

  • Strategies to reduce radiation-induced xerostomia and its dental consequences
  • Organ preservation methodology
  • Physiology of alaryngeal voice production
  • Innovations of the tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis


Designed objectives to meet the needs of the laryngectomy community as a resource for the laryngectomee, medical professional, and the community at large.

  • Information and initial sample supply visitation kits for pre-op and post-op laryngectomees
  • Voice clinic sponsorship and participation
  • Voice club support and presentations
  • Anti-tobacco presentations to schools
  • Tobacco cessation programs to the business community
  • Prevention and community awareness

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